Advice 1: How to remove tmp file

While the use of computers and the Internet automatically appear provisional (temporary) files. They are created in the form of cache files and backups. After closing the program they are usually removed, but some accumulates on the hard disk.
Temporary files are saved in the Temp folder. Usually they can be recognized by the extension .tmp. After the completion of the programs, they are not always removed, and therefore begin to accumulate on the hard disk. Temporary files are also created when working on the Internet. This information speeds up the launch of frequently used web pages is convenient, but only if the computer has one user). With the active use of the computer for a long time the free space on the hard drive is getting smaller. Therefore, periodically clean the computer disks from temporary files.
To remove unnecessary files you can use operating system tools. If you are using Windows, click "start" – "Programs" – "Accessories" – "system tools" – "disk Cleanup". Select the C drive. the Program will appreciate the amount of space occupied by unnecessary files. Check the boxes next to "Temporary Internetfiles", "Temporary files", "Temporary files WebClient", "Compress old files", "recycle Bin" and click OK. The contents of these folders you delete without harm to themselves.
To manually clear the Temporary Internet Files folder and Temp folder C:Documents and Settings. In folders of different accounts go into Local Settings, where are the Temp folders and Temporary Internet Files. Files of them can be removed, as well as the files of History. In the folder Temporary Internet Files are files Cookies. They don't always need to remove, as they help you keep your usernames, passwords for quick entry on the web page. In the directory C:Windows there is another Temp folder, if you want peel it.
There is also special software for cleaning the computer from unnecessary files, for example, the program Ccleaner. By running this program, check the boxes next to the types of files you wish to delete and click 'Clean'.

Advice 2: Than you can open a tmp file

Extension .tmp is a temporary file that can also take extension .temp. All temporary files have the same extension, but can be created in different programs. In this regard, it is often difficult to understand what program created the file and where did this file on your hard disk.
In some cases, the part of the file name with the extension .tmp makes it clear to users what program the file was created. For example, a file with the name 2014_annual_report.tmp is a document of MS Office. In addition, the file belonging to this or that program can be identified by its location. For example, if the file is in the temporary folder Temp located in the main application folder, then most likely the file was created by this program.

Why programs create files with the file extension .tmp

Temporary files are created in the first place for the purpose of backup or temporary storage of documents. Many programs create backup files every few minutes, when the user uses the application files. In this case, the sudden program crashing or shutting down the computer, the user will be able to restore a file from a program created temporary file. Files .tmp are usually deleted by the program automatically when it closes.

However, due to failures of programs, some files which should be automatically deleted, may remain on the hard disk of the computer. They can constantly accumulate, so that the user won't even notice it.

Finally, web browsers create temporary files to store user data like cookies and browsing history.

Deleting files with the extension .tmp manually

Before you delete the temporary files manually, you must make sure that these files really are temporary and they will not be necessary to operate the program in the future. If you are sure that these files are no longer useful, it is better first to put them in the basket, and already after some time delete them from there.

Automatic deletion of files with the extension .tmp

It is periodically necessary to make mass delete temporary files using special programs that automate this process. So, Windows 7 has a built-in application cleanmgr.exe-weapon and other powerful capabilities. In order to use this utility, go to "disk Properties", clicking in the folder, right-click and selecting the relevant section.

Next on the General tab click "disk Cleanup". Then in the opened window, you select the two icons with the words "Temporary Internet files and Downloaded program files, and then click OK. Next, the system will delete all the unwanted files.

How to open file .tmp

The easiest way to open a file .tmp - double-clicking on it with the left mouse button. In this case, Windows will automatically select the correct program to open the file.

To determine which application can open .tmp, you can use special online services, for example, that allows free to perform a file belonging to a particular application.

If none of the programs installed in Windows are not associated with such a file, the operating system will prompt you to select the required application from the list to open the file manually. If none of the proposed Windows programs not suitable with the content of the file can be found in a graphics editor such as Notepad.
No need too often to clean the computer from unnecessary files, you need to do it from time to time.
Useful advice
If temporary files accumulated too much, then disk cleanup from them improves system performance.
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