Please note: the Internet no single site, on which you can see the results of the exam.
Turn in the exam. After completion of the tests, all the forms go to rcoi processed in several stages:- scanning of forms of the exam;
- check the information that has been recorded in forms;
- evaluation of the response of the special subject committees (part C).Check the results of the exam in mathematics is no more than 6 days after the exam. However, if you passed the exam in the additional terms and verification will take no more than 3 days.
Wait for the official announcement from <url> about the minimum threshold of the exam. Then during the day all results are forwarded to the relevant regions. And a maximum of 3 days after messages from the " all test participants can learn the results of testing.
Go to the website and check the list of specialized websites in your region. So if you live in Moscow, see, respectively, page (Department of education of Moscow) or (information portal of the Department of education).
Enter to log in to "my account" individual participant code of the exam (usually passport number). Find out your results and review the statistics to, for example, to inquire about the number of students in the region who got the same scores as you. Some official websites may be shared and tested your forms of the exam. In this case, you will be able to see what mistakes were made by you, which job is done correctly and how the Board evaluated your answers.
Beware to enter your passport information at any site except the official. You should also ignore the fraudulent offers to learn the results of the examby sending an SMS.
Remember: the results of the exam, placed in the Internet are not complete and official. The official results you can only learn in their school.