Group of companies is organized and (or) controlled by one or more persons two or more independent companies. They can be linked in a legal or other relationship. These companies are managed from one centre to make a profit. It is important that the group of companies allowed to minimize the taxation of profits. So start with the choice of jurisdiction for the company center.
Good structure to minimize taxation is the structure consisting of the parent company registered in a tax jurisdiction associated companies registered in a country which is party to numerous tax treaties, and the Russian companies. They will directly produce any actions on the territory of Russia. Think about choosing a tax jurisdiction having studied the laws on companies, the most "popular" tax-free countries (the British virgin Islands, Bahamas, etc.). Similarly, examine in General terms the legislation of the countries-participants of tax treaties and these agreements. The choice of these jurisdictions will largely depend on the nature of your business.
Find a legal company engaged in registration of companies abroad. Such a lot of firms, but it should be borne in mind that most of them are able to provide only services for the immediate registration of companies. Full advice on taxes and the creation of groups of companies these companies can not give. So either properly study the laws on companies of the different countries themselves or use the help of an international lawyer, who specializiruetsya in certain jurisdictions.
You can also buy a ready-made company (created earlier) and "embedded" in the structure of your Russian company. It makes sense for those who are afraid to lose lying, because the actual registration of a company (with all the shipments documents) on average can take up to two weeks and the documents are ready, the company will have just two or three days.
Foreign companies need annual maintenance - preparing all the necessary solutions, timely delivery of financial statements (if required) to the tax authorities. Poor service head companies of the group jeopardizes the entire business, so when you register choose a firm that can guarantee the service of your companies. Pay attention to the prices of service: prices too low can indicate that the package service does not include all actions, and something will have to pay.