You will need
  • - a computer connected to the Internet
  • mounted on it the browser
Sign up for the service, which will allow you to createand set any webform for your website. Including on this service you can create a registration form. This online service When you create a form, enter a name for your project, as well as shape. The number of forms in the same project indefinitely. Therefore, in this respect nothing is off-limits.
Add fields to the formto make the form of registration. To do this, type the field name and select its type from the list. There are some types of fields. As: number, multiline text, text line, date, country, and so on. And there are about 20 types of fields. Next, note that each field has its own functionality. Hover the mouse cursor on the field and select preferences for this field (size, default, description). Creating registration form in this service allows you to use the following field characteristics: size – set the desired field size in pixels; default – enter the text that will automatically appear in the to field of your form; validation – this option is used to control the information entered in the form.
Klasnice menu "Widgets", set the appearance of your form. Change the color of text, background, font type. Install a captcha on request. Also in this menu there are settings for the functioning of the form. To integrate the registration form on the website, copy the code and place it in the right place of the website. You can also create a form of feedback or contact form, which is necessary for the functioning of your project. When the form is created online database that will store all the information about the user accounts. The system enables management of the database (searching, grouping, and sorting records).