Advice 1: How to slice red fish

Red fish is divided into three classes: salmon, sturgeon and white salmon. Representative no matter what class you choose, tender meat and the taste will not leave you indifferent.Cut fish in different ways, it depends on what you will from it to cook.
Before cutting the red fish it must be prepared. Cut off the fish's head and vsporite belly. Slice the fish very carefully otherwise you can damage the gall bladder and the fish will acquire a bitter taste. Remove the fish from the insides and rinse it under running water.
Cooking a steak.
Gutted fish lay on a wooden Board. Take a long wide knife. Cut the fish in even slices with the width of 1,5-2 see This method of cutting is great for frying fish.
Preparation of fish fillets.
Put the fish belly from himself. With a sharp knife make an incision on the fish's back. The incision should not be very deep and reach only bones. Next, separate the fillet from the bones. Take a sharp knife and short cuts separate the fillets from the spinal bones. The movement should be from the back to the abdomen. Same make and the other side of the fish. From the resulting layer, remove all small bones. Fillet can be cooked in one piece and can be cut. For cutting, place the fillets flesh down and cut into small pieces with a width of 1-1,5 see
Salted fillets from the vacuum packaging can be cut in different ways.
Put a piece of filet in front of you on a cutting Board. Take a heavy sharp knife and keep it parallel to the table. Holding the knife by the handle, slide the blade piece. You get a very thin plate of fish. If the blade is not heavy enough, a little force when cutting.
Sirloin steak cut into pieces 0.5-1 cm at an angle of 35-45 degrees. This corner cutting will retain a piece of fish from the spread.
Fillet, sliced in a manner that is well suited for making sushi at home.

Advice 2: How to slice a fish beautifully

Every owner wants to make the holiday table beautiful and original, regardless of lush it's a celebration or small family celebration. The sliced fish is probably one of the fastest and easiest ways to decorate the table that will gather friends and relatives.

Fish platter
In order to get a tasty fish dish perfect fish : halibut, light-salted salmon, smoked eel. Decorate fish platter can be slices of fresh or pickled vegetables, lettuce, olives or olives, lemons.
So, for registration of the food taken several varieties of red and white fish, some leaves of green salad, lemon slices, parsley and olives. A large round plate lined with lettuce leaves and the top edge of the semicircle are arranged thinly sliced red fish, between each piece is laid out one olive. The second row is laid out below, also a semicircle slices of white fish. At the bottom is placed at the base of the rosette of red fish: cut the fish into long slices, lay them one by one and turn rolls (in a circle) – get a rosette. Top and bottom rosettes are placed on two slices of lemon and a few sprigs of greenery.
In order to slice the fish nice neat slices, first and foremost, you need a very sharp knife. Directly before cutting the fish promosedia a paper towel to remove the excess fat, and lightly frozen, as solid fish cutting much easier. When the fish is ready to slice, take the knife and the slices are cut along the entire piece of fish.
Fish rolls
Fish rolls are perfect smoked salmon. Fish cut into slices and wrapped in delicate rolls, which bind arrow green onions. There are other ways to design the fish rolls. Strung on a skewer a grape, a cheese cube and olive. At the edges of the skewers nakalyaetsya slice of fish so to make a sail. Two cucumber cut in half and laid out on a plate cut down on lettuce leaves. For cucumbers nakalyaetsya skewers with the "sails" of the fish, it turns out very original and beautiful!
Flower fish slices
For this still life of fish will need a small flat round dish that was covered with leaves of green salad. Salmon or sturgeon cut into thin, wide slices and laid out on a circle like the petals of a flower. On each slice of fish is placed a thin slice of lemon and olive. Slice of lemon is placed in the center, and it is laid out teaspoon black or red caviar.
This fish flower undoubtedly impress guests and will be a wonderful decoration of the festive table!
Eat raw fish, make sure it is fresh and high quality.
Useful advice
When butchering and slicing fish, always use a very well sharpened knife.

Cutting Board should be wood, otherwise you can ruin the knives.

The heads that remain after gutting fish, good for cooking soup.
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