Initially, when determining the leaveand the Director General should look to the Charter of the organization. The fact is that some in this document prescribe the conditions for granting the leaveand the head of the company. If you see that leave is available with permission meeting of the society, the application for leave should be written in the name of the Chairman of the meeting.
In the case when nowhere such a situation is not spelled out, and write a letter head do not need. But, nevertheless, the supervisor must sign that he had been informed about the beginning of the holidaybut this should be done two weeks prior to its occurrence. After which a notice sent to the personnel Department.
The Director General, like any other employee, should be included in the schedule of vacationagents. While going to put the rest it is advisable to appoint a Deputy. Well, if you have the person replacing him, and if not?
In this case, the order of the General Director is appointed by the responsible person. Remember that the choice of such a person it is necessary to approach responsibly, because going into the holidays, you trust your business to another person.
If the decision to leavee accepts the meeting, then the Deputy choose the participants. All this is documented in the Protocol (decision), where all put their signatures.
Not avoid and the drafting of the order (order) on granting leave (form T-6). The order may be signed by the Chairman of the meeting. In the other case, as if it is absurd did not sound, must be signed by the chief Executive, and to put the second signature in the line "read".
All documents are transferred to employees, and there is in accounting, where do accruals. Like any other employee who is vacation- ing payments to the General Director to give out for the three days before the prescribed holiday.