You will need
  • Receipt;
  • - handle;
  • calculator.
To calculate onthe fee for cold water according to the meters, subtract from the current counter reading of the previous figure. If you have more risers and on every is your counter, the count of readings for all devices, add the numbers and multiply by the current tariff. If your family has benefits, deduct from the received amount for payment the amount or percentage of benefits laid.
But not only the calculation of the meter affects how much you will actually pay for cold water. If you have during the month was not cold water more than 8 hours total per month or more than 4 hours in one day, then you are obliged to make recalculation and to take 0.15% of the amount you calculated for payment.
If on the highway cold water eliminated the accident, and the water was not filed more than 24 hours, subtract the same amount. But you do not have the law, so contact the housing Department and ask for a recalculation.
You can also request a recalculation if the water supplied is of poor quality, such as rusty or the system does not have sufficient pressure.
To calculate the payment for cold water without metering devices multiply the current rate in your area on the number of registered person in the apartment. To require recalculation you have the right in all of these cases, or if someone from your family long absent. In this case, submit the documents confirming someone's absence. Next month you will make recalculation.
As proof, you can show plane tickets or train, a certificate from the Board of horticulture that you spent summers in the country, your Spa stay, discharge from hospital, help with the work about the trip, vouchers for hotels or hotels, package tour, etc.