Programs designed to compress video or audio files are called converters. If you have to convert the file format .mov and results of the conversion are you using for commercial purposes - buy a paid program, allowing you to make the highest quality conversion. If you need to shrink the Amateur video, with this task easily cope a free program or demo version of any software, downloaded for informational purposes. One such program is the MOV to AVI MPEG WMV Converter. Download it on the link Install the software on computer and run it.
Upload file to the program format .mov, which you must compress. To do this, click on the "Add files" and in the built-in file Manager program specify the path to the file. Once loaded into the program window will display information about the converted file. Then, click select the downloaded file and configure the options of the destination file, which should be after conversion. Program MOV to AVI MPEG WMV Converter, in addition to selecting the format in which coerces .mov file that allows you to change the video quality, the audio quality of the original file and also the image size and number of frames per second.
Once you decide the format, select destination folder in which you saved the converted video file. Then click "Convert". During conversion do not close the program and do not run other programs, since the sudden cancellation of the process of changes in the final video file is not saved and the original video file may be corrupted. Conversion time will depend on the size of the video file, the final record format and the power of your computer.