You will need
  • - search the global network;
  • - database operator;
  • - the "Mobile operators".
You can find all the information about the owner of a phone number by purchasing the database of the cellular operator. By signing the contract, the subscriber usually indicates their passport details. You will be able to know the surname, name, patronymic, residence and place of registration of the subscriber. To buy this database you can market, the subway, and even on the Internet. It would be cheaper to buy the database through the Internet. Make the payment via e-wallet or send SMS from your mobile phone.
Look among his friends of law enforcement officers. A police officer has the legal right to know all the information about the subscriber, by making a formal request. Explain why you need the data of another person. It is important to give substantial arguments.
To download free using the Internet program "Mobile operators". The program does not require installation on your computer. Just enter the phone number of the desired subscriber will receive a short information about the company name of the operator, the date of registration of rooms and areas where the registration has been completed. Perhaps this information will suffice.