Use computer programs selection of hairstyles or take the test on the Internet. Select your photo and choose hairstyle that best suits to the shape and type of your face. The bangs can pick up almost any lady, and she almost will never be unfashionable. Only change the color, length and tilt angle. Programs are convenient because you both get the opportunity to experiment even with the hair color, as well as other conditions, such as hair type, makeup.
Choose bangs according to face shape according to the following criteria. If you have a high forehead, you perfect long straight bangs. It is often recommended by hairdressers. Straight bangs will make facial features softer and more correct, in addition you seem for a younger woman. The only condition under which make it impossible – very thin hair. They dirty quickly, so the bangs will appear greasy.
If your face has a shape close to the triangle, make a thick bangs in an arc shape. She easily falls on his forehead and looks very natural. This form will help to balance and soften angular facial features. The ends of the bangs should be slightly screwed inward, and then mess it.
A woman with a round face is better to make a long thick bangs with a slight feathering. It will make the face appear longer, however, don't overuse styling products. Use shampoo for smooth hair and your bangs would be adorable.
Trust the professionals. Skilled and experienced master will choose the kind of bangs that will emphasize your individual attractiveness and originality.
Don't be afraid of change in their appearance. The right bangs can be made to any person in any type of hair. It can also help to hide some flaws in appearance, will give emphasis to your eyes and accentuate the soft lines of the cheekbones.