The most common and well-known method: spread the gloves paddling or any other fat cream. The fat will make the skin soft and if you wear them, they easily stretch and take the shape of your hands. You can also use glycerin if you soak the leather gloves. However, to increase the size so you can slightly.
Go to a Shoe store and purchase the means for stretching the shoes. It can be used not only for boots and shoes but also for gloves made of leather. Sprinkle them with tool, and then drag to the desired size. The downside is that if too much stretch gloves, they look not very good.
Another proven method. Inside leather gloves pour a little Cologne or toilet water, and then put on the hand and walk them about 10 minutes. Product from leather will stretch and take the desired shape.
The most sensitive and accurate method: wrap the small size gloves in the wet towel, then leave on for two to three hours. Then expand, put on hands and dosushivanie without removing. In this case, the skin won't stretch too much and will not be damaged.
If gloves are shriveled and darkened from time to time, they can give a second life, if they are dry on the battery, and then gently, smoothly and quickly (so as not to leave stains), wipe with a clean cloth slightly moistened in castor oil.
Do leather gloves stretch a bit with normal wear. We need to remember this, because if too will increase the size, and then they are still posted, they will look messy and groomed. It is better to be careful when choosing leather goods, so you do not have to adjust them. Only in this case, you can be as confident in their durability and strength. But if your skin is too thin and delicate, it is better not to stretch. Do not try to increase the size of products from leather substitute.