You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • browser.
Open the website with the video, such as the site To save the file in flash format from this site, copy the link on the video to the clipboard (go to video and copy the contents of the address bar). Click on the link This service allows you to simply and quickly download files Flash Player since many web pages, for example it will provide direct links to videofiles from sites like vKontakte, RuTube, YouTube. Supported formats –flv, swf. Data fileyou can save to your computer for free.
Copy the address of the web page where the desired video clip or animation, to the clipboard to save flash video to your computer. Then paste the address in the box located at the top of the website Save2GO, then click "Save site". Choose from a list of direct links that will appear on the screen, you need file and save to your computer. The advantage of this method is that you don't need to install any software to download flashfile.
Locate the desired file in flash format in a temporary fileAh browser. If you use Opera browser, then navigate to the folder C:Documents and SettingsApplication SettingsВАШ ПРОФИЛЬLocal DataOperaOperaprofilecache4, sort files type, view the list of files format flv and swf files, scan them and find needed. Then just copy the necessary file to another folder. In order to save a flashfilewhich opened by using Internet Explorer, navigate to C:Documents and Settings*your login to the computer*Local SettingsTemporary Internet Files and similarly copy the flashfile. If you can't find in the specified folders fileyou flash, click "start," select "Search" – "Files and folders", select the search options "Files", type in Name fileand" .swf as the search location, select the system drive, the default is C. Then click "Find". The obtained results sort by date modified. If you recently watched the flash video, the video will be top of the list. Similarly, search on format .flv.
Download and install a special program if you often need to save the flashfilewith web pages. For example, click on the link and download the program Flash Saver. Run the program to download swf video, enter the url of the page that contains the desired video, click “Detect”. In the list will appear below the files available to download. Select one and press the “Save”button.