Take care of decent equipment. It is quite obvious that to shoot quality video on mobile phone is quite difficult, so any self-respecting operator has its own video camera. Not so important with film or digital, but not necessarily marked as HD itself so that the device can shoot video "high resolution" and "wide format". Such characteristics will allow to get an image of decent qualitywhich would not be ashamed to look at any of the large format screen.
Right shoot. Because of incorrect setting of the frame you risk to end up getting "exposed" or conversely, "dark" video. This will help avoid timely monitoring of the quality of the shoot (usually the preview is shown on the display apparatus) and correct setting of parameters of shooting ("street", "room", "lack of coverage").
Edit video after shooting. The secret of quality rollers not only that are selected adanya views, but that they are then carefully processed using filters and adjusting color. It is possible to use the supplied camcorder supplemental program, however, the greatest quality you achieve using the popular and proven programs such as Adobe After Effects or Sony Vegas Pro.
Choose the format you need. After working with the file you will need to save it, and how conservation directly affects the quality. For example, the 3gp format is designed to make low quality files that take up a minimum of space (relevant for mobile phones). Mpeg3 (later Mpeg2), on the contrary, is calculated on video high quality. There are promemoria options that are designed to keep the balance. In addition to the actual format parameter will be video resolution, which directly affects the size of the file in any format, and which should use the largest possible.