You will need
  • Software QIP Infium.
If you continually use the same version of the program, you may notice that sometimes the connection to the server broken, in some cases, the server may be lost before the new updates. If you encounter such a case you can download a new version of the program or try to configure the old version.
First of all, you need to download the program if you do not yet exist. It can be done on the website This software is absolutely free, moreover, it is the product of the current Internet, which is doubly nice.
During installation it is recommended to follow the prompts of the installation package, but it is advisable to remove the mark of "QIP-Online", "QIP search", etc., i.e. items that can change how your browser works. If you think logically — additional components you don't need.
Launch the program by double-clicking the left mouse button on the program icon on the desktop. If QIP Infium icon on the desktop has not appeared, click the start menu, click All programs, click on the folder QIP Infium and click on the same icon.
In the opened window you need to create an account or enter data already existing account. After downloading the program, click the "Menu" button (located at the bottom of the program) and select "settings".
In the opened window, go to "Account". In the right part of the window, find ICQ and opposite the appropriate numbers click "Customize".
In the window "Options ICQ" section, select "client ID", specify a value of ICQ 6 in the "Available ID's".
If you cannot connect with the server, which was described at the beginning of this material, you must configure the "Proxy server". Click on the "Menu" button in the main window, select "Settings" then select "Connect".
In the opened window, uncheck the "Set proxy settings to manual. In the field insert the information previously obtained from your service provider. Click "OK" to close this window.