Start the report with the words of welcome to the Commission, state fully the theme of her graduation.
Tell us about the urgency of the problem. Why is this topic worth studying, what makes it interesting. Here it is important to correctly identify the importance of the work that you've done what you could offer, to examine, to prove. To Commission does not arise questions and doubts in the usefulness of your work.
Briefly, in a few words, tell us about the state of the question. What has been learned and written on your topic. What are the works of other authors you enjoy, whose opinion was based. Choose the most important points.
Tell us about the goals and objectives of the graduation project. What is the range of issues emerged in relation to this topic. What you could consider, to find, to explain. List the main techniques that have helped you cope with the task.
Tell us about the structure of the thesis. What chapters it included. What is said in each Chapter briefly.
On request and depending on the theme of the diploma, you can talk about the issues and difficulties encountered in the course of studying your topic. How did you overcome. What you failed to do and for what reasons (e.g. could not get to a protected object, to describe or to photograph an object located in another city, etc.).
Make conclusions. They should be crisp and clear. Tell us what you have achieved during your research, what have you come to that proved that new created. You need to give a complete idea of how the obtained results are original and correspond to the given tasks. If your achievements are accompanied by the presentation or the posters, when show don't need to read the text displayed on them.
At the end of the report, thank the Commission for your attention. Be prepared for the questions that you will ask after your speech.