Carefully review your travel document. In the column "Car" will indicate the number and type of the car. For example, if this column indicates "16 P" this means that your sixteenth second-class carriage.
On arriving at the station, listen to the dispatcher, which sends messages about the arrival and departure of trains. He reports the time of the departure of the train, and the numbering of the cars (from the head or from the tail). Go to the specified Manager platform. To save yourself from unnecessary hassles in the search of his car, come to the station in advance.
To find out the room of the car of the standing train, you need to pay attention to the window positioned at the beginning or at the end of the car. They should hang signs with the numberω of the car. The numbering of cars, usually goes in normal order (1,2,3,4, etc), but sometimes there are situations when at the end or at the beginning of the composition is a car with roomom, out of the General numbering. For example, after the eleventh of the car is the twenty-fourth. This happens if the car is attached to the structure at any intermediate station.
If the Windows of cars you don't see signs of roomAMI ask about a roome of the car with the conductor, which it serves. Usually at the stations they come out on the platform or in the vestibule of the car.
Another type of rail transport is the train. As a rule, the question of the numbering of the cars in the train are not fundamental for the passenger because the ticket is purchased without a specific seat. But in some cases it is necessary to know the number of the car, for example, to inform the train driver about any malfunction. Also you are required to inform number of the car the police officer accompanying the train, if your eyes committed the offence. The number must be specified above the door at the beginning and at the end of the car.