You will need
  • - previously created an account with the wallet on Yandex;
  • - the current password of the account.
To start log in on Yandex using the login and password. Then go to the "Money" link. If you went to your Inbox, at the top you will see a horizontal row with the headings "Search", "Mail", etc. In this line, find the tab "Money".
In the browser address bar is: Delete the word "money", and instead type the word "passport" and press "Enter". Page opens with three tabs: your personal and payment information, social profiles. All the data you have to fill when registering. If you did not enter, but this page is still open. You need the tab "Personal data".
In the right hand column after reference to your e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and settings you will find a link "Delete account". Click once with the left mouse button. The screen will appear warning that you are about to delete your account on Yandex.
To confirm deletion of the account, enter in the window your current password from the mailbox, which is registered in the purse. Press virtual button "Delete account".