You will need
  • -the sun;
  • -the air;
  • water;
How to strengthen chest of the child. Sun.With a lack of ultraviolet radiation in the body of the baby there is a deficiency of vitamin D. fresh air is a great way to obtain the desired dose of UV light and to activate the production of vitamin D. the sun baths the baby need to prepare gradually. The first solar baths should be done in the shade of a tree or a special awning when the air temperature is not below 22 degrees Celsius. You should start with three to four minutes, gradually increasing duration of solar bathtubs. The head of the child must be covered by a hat. Monitor your child while taking a sun bath. At the first sign of discomfort or worry the procedure it is advisable to interrupt.
How to strengthen chest of the child. Air.Provide the child the opportunity as often as possible to be outdoors. Going with the baby for a walk, do not coddle him. Dressing him for a walk, stick to a simple rule – clothes on the child should be the same layers as on you plus one more layer. Do not be afraid of the cool weather. The only unacceptable weather for walking baby is windy weather and frost below 15 degrees Celsius. All other the weather is beautiful for walks with a small child. Don't forget to provide fresh air to the room in which the baby. At least four or five times a day to ventilate the room, and in the summer it is advisable to keep the Windows open constantly. Thus it is necessary to ensure that the room did not have any draft.
How to strengthen chest of the child. Water.Water therapy is a great tool for hardening of the baby. The first water tempering procedures include daily hygienic bath. To enhance the effect, do not make bath water too hot. Children under one year feel comfortable at a water temperature of 36-37°. Finish bathing preferably by rinsing with water, which is a few degrees cooler than in the bathroom.In addition to hygienic baths hardened breast of the child , you can use wet wiping. Wipe the child a soft flannel soaked in warm water, then RUB it with a soft fluffy towel until a slight reddening of the skin. The temperature of the water to wet the flannel gradually decreasing from 32-33° to 28-27°. The duration of tempering procedures – 5-6 minutes.