You will need
  • -A sharp knife;
  • -Zelenka;
  • -the drug is "Kornevin";
  • the soil for roses;
  • -sand;
  • -flower pot;
  • -a plastic bottle.
Cut roses for cuttings. Their length should be 12-15 inches, they have to be 2-3 cob. To take cuttings of the middle part of the stem. Do the lower section at an angle of 45 degrees, and the top – right angle, 0.5 cm above the kidneys. For rooting it's better to take the roses that stood in a vase no more than four days.
Trim the thorns and cut the leaves.
Cauterized upper cut of the cutting brilliant green, and the lower dip in the drug Kornevin".
Pour into flower pot soil, sprinkle on top of the sand layer, which should be at least three inches. For roses that grow in pots, the soil must be especially nutritious. If you are found in special soils for roses, try to do it themselves. To do this, mix two parts compost with two parts sand and clay, add a bit of dried bird droppings.
Plant the cuttings in the soil. Too bury them not worth it.
Pour the planted cuttings and cover them with a plastic bottle, pre-cut it the bottom. In the future, "green Pets" should be watered through the neck of the bottle. For spraying and irrigation is best to use filtered water at room temperature. During rooting, the soil should always be moist, but not wet. If condensation forms, the cuttings can be aired, taking off the bottle for 5 minutes. Periodically spray the seedlings with a weak solution of preparation "EPIN" or "Zircon". They will help the cuttings survive the stress and give the roots.