Find out all the details of the Bank-recipient. This can be done by contacting one of the branches of the Bank or on its website. Usually the details required to transfer the following:
- the name (or the name) of the recipient;
- the name of the Bank (it is desirable to specify the number of the branch where you opened the account);
BIC of the Bank;
- INN of the Bank and the INN of the recipient;
- correspondent account of the Bank;
- the number of the accountand of the beneficiary;
- credit card number (for holders of the card accountpermitting).
Present a Bank statement of the Bank-the sender's passport, a passbook or a plastic card, which will make a money transfer.
If you have in a Bank funded account, and the other RAaccountNY and you want to transfer money from one accountand into another, then this procedure is not particularly difficult. Take a Bank certificate about the opening of the RAscoretion scoreand imagine it in another Bank where you have a funded account. Write a statement requesting the closing of a cumulative account. The money will go to the RAaccountth account.
The transfer of money can be done without opening the accountand the sender Bank. Contact your Bank operator, present your passport and details of the Bankof the recipient (the operator may require, in accordance with the Charter, and the application to the branch Manager). Make money and get a receipt.
If you have account in the Bank with Internet banking, you can do the translation directly in the network. Click on the tabs system interface the option "Transfers and payments". Fill in the form that appears, all the necessary information: details of the Bank, number of accountand credit card number (if card account), amount, and purpose of payment.
Before the payment is made, identify yourself by entering your password in the system, payment password and other identifiers provided by the system and the Bank. If you make a mistake, putting inaccurate details or the number of the accountand then the money will come back to you on the account, but the Commission charged by the Bank for the transfer of payment will not be refunded.