You will need
  • - clean enamelware;
  • - 2 smooth hardwood sticks;
  • - dye of black color;
  • - pair of rubber gloves.
Pre-wash and dry the thing. Prepare it for dyeing. For this fight back all metal buttons, buckles and hooks to ensure that in the process of painting is not formed rusty spots. If the painted thing with lining, podposite it in several places that the thing does not pop up to the surface in the dyeing process.
Take an enamel bowl in which the painting will be made. Fill it with pre-boiled warm water at a temperature of 40-50°C.
Wear rubber gloves and prepare the dye solution. To do this, pour it into a small container and, stirring constantly, pour boiled warm water until dissolved and formation of a dense homogeneous mass. Not stopping to stir, add part of the boiled hot water for 1 sachet of dye 0.5 liters of water. The resulting solution strain through a cloth, pour into prepared dish, filled with warm water. Again mix everything carefully.
Before you paint the thing, soak it in warm water, squeeze lightly, flatten and dip in the dye solution. Using two wooden sticks to turn the product, straighten the folds. Painted thing rinse thoroughly in lukewarm water until until the water is clean. Then rinse the item in cold water, wring and dry it.