Using mathematical language, the League table is a two – dimensional matrix in which the vertical unfold data about the participants, and the horizontal line the list of factors influencing the choice of each participant in the table.
First, you need to determine tournament participants. Then you should define the list of indicators by which you will determine the position of the participant in the standings. Such indicators can be: the total number of rounds won by the number of victories, number of defeats, number of points, and other parameters, depending on the specific form of competitive activity.
Define key figure and specify the importance of each of the remaining indicators (arrange them in a hierarchical order from more important to less important). This is necessary in order to equality as a key indicator two or more parties to define their position in the standings on additional indicators.
Define the principle of determining the winner of the tournament standings:
- the maximum amount in terms if equality held rounds all participants;
- the maximum sum rate without tours.
After each round make information about the results of every competitor in the tournament table, that is, complete graphs with all indicated parameters. Then sort the table on the key figure, and then additional indicators. Thus, you will receive a tournament table, where the leader will be whoever is in the table above competitors.
Since the last tour and presentation of the results in the table, determine the winner of the competition. Please note that in the preparation of the final standings, you must consider the principle of determining the winner of the tournament.
If the competition is held according to the Olympic system (on departure), to make a table does not make sense because the result will be to define a set of indicators, and the outcome of the confrontation.