To process a melody, you will need an audio editor. The most optimal would be to use audio editors such as Sony Sound Forge or Adobe Audition. These audio editors have a high functionality in order to process a ringtone for your mobile phone. You can find it with a search engine. Download, install and run the program you have chosen, and then download the file.
You define the start and end of the track, and then set the slider to the beginning of the future ringtones and select this segment. Click on the "delete" button, and then perform the same operation by selecting the interval from the end for future melody until the end of the edited track. Listen to the result and verify that the track is exactly the melody you wanted to put on mobile.
Select the track, then the sound with the graphic equalizer. Highlight the entire track, and then look in the tab "Effects" paragraph "Graphic equalizer". Maximize high frequency, reducing low. After each change of level listen the track, to make sure it is the euphony. Reaching the desired result, click on the "Apply"button.
Increase the volume of the track using the effect of "Normalization" or "Increase volume". Increase the volume by five percent until until you discern a violation of euphony. Save copies of the track after each step.
Once editing is complete, copy all the tracks to your phone.euphony. You can do this by syncing the phone with the computer using a date cable or using card reader if your phone supports memory cards. Test the resulting tracks and choose the best sounding.