If you want to learn how to draw in their spare time, sign up for courses. You can choose the appropriate program for your level of knowledge and skills and to choose only those items that interest you. To obtain the basic knowledge sign up for courses of design, drawing and painting. The advantage of such lessons consists that they begin the process of formation groups (not strictly 1 September) and are held at different times, i.e. you can choose a convenient schedule of visits.
More systematized knowledge you will receive in art school. Receiving it maintained at the beginning of the school year. The group have been prepared on the basis of age. As a rule, children up to 14 years attend full-time students, the rest of the evening. The curriculum of the school is designed for beginners, so you will explain how correctly to hold a pencil and brush, mixing paint and attach paper to the easel. Gradually, over a few years you will be able to draw portraits and complex decorative compositions. Program in the school may include additional subjects: art history, computer graphics, decorative-applied technology.
If you have no time, money or desire to learn to draw together with other people, try to learn all the subtleties on their own. Buy at the bookstore tutorial. Choose a guide that helps to understand the basics of building a pattern and use different materials and techniques. From books that offer instruction on painting a single subject, better give up.
Various workshops can be found on the Internet. When choosing the right focus on the specialization of the site. If you can see a collection of tips from various spheres of life, recommendations on drawing there may not be complete. On the sites dedicated exclusively to painting and supervised by a professional, you will find all necessary basic information for the development of their skills.
Draw as much as possible at all stages of learning. Sketch in public places, a walk in the Park, waiting for a bus at the bus stop. This will help you to develop hand and generate the confidence that the immediate effect in the picture.
Study the history of art and of contemporary artists. Visiting exhibitions, reading books about famous artists and viewing the blogs of talented contemporaries will help you to form the taste and develop a sensitive attitude to others and to his paintings.