You will need
  • Rope
  • two thin but stiff sticks
  • capacity for solution preparation,
  • water,
  • glycerin,
  • the dishwashing detergent.
First of all, prepare a basin, which will dilute soap solution. It can be a bowl, a big bowl or bucket. Take two sticks (alternatively, you can use branches). They should not be too thick and heavy, but too flexible and too thin will not fit. Ideally, sticks should be stiff and narrow in diameter. Another necessary element is a rope length of about 1-1. 5 meters and a thickness in the range of three millimeters.
To make a device to inflate a giant soap bubbles is not a problem. Just tie a rope to the ends of the sticks so that when they are breeding in different directions she might have been a loop in the shape of a triangle.
The second stage is the preparation of ingredients for preparing solution. You'll need pharmacy glycerin (it strengthens the walls of the bubbles, allowing them to swell to enormous size). In addition, you should be dishwashing detergent and water.
Water for mortar it is better to take distilled - it's softer. If not distilled water, pour in a basin of warm boiled. The solution is mixed in the following proportions: glycerin - 100 ml., facility for washing dishes - 200 ml water - 500-600 ml. can Increase or decrease the amount of solution you may choose.
When the device for blowing bubbles prepared, and the solution is made, there is an open space and lower the rope into the container. Raise your design and start to slowly step back. If you did everything correctly, the bubble will begin to inflate due to the created air flow. Best bubbles inflate in the absence of wind.
The resulting bubble can even touch it. So it does not burst from the touch, advance wear woolen mittens.