You will need
    • pan
    • mushrooms
    • water
    • salt
    • spices.
Before cooking mushrooms, they need to be cleaned. From the lower part of the stalk cut off the part that was in contact with the ground and withered after the cut mushrooms in the greenhouse. Each mushroom thoroughly rinse from the remnants of the earth under running water. You can use a small soft brush. Soak the mushrooms in water before cooking otherwise they will lose taste.
If the mushrooms are small, you can boil them whole. In this way they will look spectacular in any dish. In that case, if the mushrooms are large enough, cut them into several pieces. Method of shredding on the quality of cooking is not affected, but most often the mushrooms cut into four pieces or cut into thin slices of equal thickness.
After the mushrooms are ready for cooking, dial in a pan of water and put it on the fire. When the water boils, add salt to taste, a few peas of fragrant black pepper, Bay leaf and submerge it in mushrooms. The amount of water depends on how many mushrooms will cook. The liquid should completely cover them.
Cook mushrooms until tender over low heat. Universal recommendations about how long to cook the mushrooms, simply does not exist. For each recipe its cooking time. If mushrooms will continue to obzhivatjsya or mixed with other ingredients in a salad, cook them longer than 5 minutes, not worth it, otherwise they will give all their taste to the broth. While soup is cooking time can be increased to 15-20 minutes, so it will be more intense.