You will need
  • The Internet.
To embed PDFs on your blog or website online services. One of them is Slidesshare. This service is quite popular and promoted. It was created to view presentations in PPT format, but later it became possible to work with other popular file formats. Using Slideshare you can now upload videos.
The view options are set depending on what type of document is selected. Unfortunately, you cannot customize the appearance. At the beginning and at the end of the insert there is extra code that you can delete. Remove everything except the code in the tags .... The download is limited to 100 megabytes per document and paid accounts to 500.
Another service Scribd. Log in to Facebook account or by registering. If you entered via Facebook, the accounts will be linked. This means that when you delete your account in Facebook will delete the profile and all your files to Scribd.
Before the file starts to load in the popup window, you may need your confirmation about non-infringement of anyone's copyright. If you sign up, you will be able to download the files marked "Private". This means that you can view them exclusively on the website, where it is incorporated or you specified for the link. Also the file is not available for download. After downloading, enter a description, file header, and specify the category. Follow the link to get the already processed document and copy the embed to your website.
Google Viewer, though not quite complete, it is suitable for posting on the website PDF. It is suitable for those who do not really care about image quality. The work in this basic service. The clear advantages of Google Viewer is a good speed, stable servers, no need to upload a file for public viewing.