Specify in the first paragraph of the bid form the name of your structural subdivision, the details of the company, name of supervisor, if you are a private person – name and contact information.
The second paragraph is the setting for the supply of goods. Specify its name, the basic characteristics and price. Don't forget to enter and requirements for quality, safety, technical and functional properties, size, decoration, packing, etc.
If this item still out of stock shop (or company involved in implementing it), write in the third paragraph, the approximate price for the goods with the obligatory indication of the source of the information. Usually the estimated price based on information obtained from catalogs price lists for similar products in other stores and companies, estimates, reference and information services, etc.
In the fourth paragraph, describe the structure of the entire cost of the contract (including indicative prices). It can be not only delivery, but unloading, Assembly, consultancy services.
In the fifth, indicate the anticipated source of financing for this order. For example, budgetary or extra-budgetary funds (if you are a representative of your organization.
In the sixth paragraph by the terms of payment. Usually payment is made upon delivery of the goods. If you trust this shop or company, you can choose in advance the form of payment (but not more than 30% of the total order). In addition, if you work for a long time, the provider can meet you and agree, say, on a phased payment of a sum designated for the goods.
Specify in the seventh paragraph, the preferred term of delivery of the goods (the exact number of calendar or working days from the day of filing to allow for delivery). Consider all the time required to place an order in your store database or the company, as well as the presence or absence of the required number of goods in the warehouse.
Specify the delivery address in the eighth paragraph: country, town, street, house number, floor and office number, apartment, if you are an individual).
Sign the application and date of its formation. If you are a representative of an organization, you may need the signature of the chief accountant and the division chief or Director.