You will need
  • - the signal cable.
The fact that the modern plasma TVs have the following connectors for video input mode: HDMI, VGA, and component connectors. To successfully connect the TV to the system unit or monitor, you need to find the same or matching ports on the video card. Examine the connectors of the graphics card.
Note that there are interchangeable connectors, such as DVI and HDMI transmit digital signal and can connect through the adapter. Ports and VGA and DVI are connected to the adapter, despite the fact that using the VGA channel is only transmitted analog signal. Buy cable and adapter to it.
Connect the video card of the system unit or laptop to a channel of the video input mode of the TV. Turn on both devices. Wait for loading the operating system. To use both a monitor and a TV are available only if your graphics card supports dual-mode video transmission.
Open the start menu and navigate to control panel computer. Select "appearance and personalization" and click "Screen" (Windows Seven). Click "adjust screen resolution".
Select a symbolic image of the second display (the TV) and activate the option "Make this main display". Usually this option is used in the case of single-channel performance.
If your video device supports dual-channel mode, activate the option "Duplicate these displays". In this case, both devices will be identical picture.
If you activate the function "Extend this screen", you will be able to use both devices independently from each other. In this case, it is recommended to assign a primary device to a standard monitor, because it will initially run all apps.