If you intend to invite many relatives and friends of the son, then you need to order café. Here you will lay the tables, prepare the dishes ordered by you in advance. Usually in the hall with live music and a place for contests and dances.
If you live in the private sector arrange seeing the house in the yard. Usually in the days of conscription, the weather is good, so can't make a tent, but only to cover the roof of plastic sheets or films in case of unexpected rain.
Arrange the tables, consider the menu. Agree who will help cook and serve meals to guests. So you did not run and removed themselves from the tables, it is advisable to negotiate with the woman who will serve as the senior in the kitchen, follow the table, time to dispose of what is one dish where to file, where to replace.
In the place of honor, put the recruit with his girlfriend, next - parents and closest friends. After all are seated, give the right to say the first toast of honor to the oldest guest. Well, if this is a man who himself had served in the army and has received awards. Let him give his experience to rookie.
Of course, everyone will want to Express their message on track. But ensure that the toast did not sound too often. It is better to take a break for competitions and dancing.
In advance, prepare a variety of jokes and pranks, organize competitions. It is desirable that all of them were connected with the army theme. You can even prepare a short comic scripts by dressing up in military uniforms. Especially those scenes will be funny to look at the performance of the young friends of the recruit.
You can declare a contest for the best wishes to the young soldier, best army anecdote. The more fun and humour, the more interesting it will be held the evening. It would be great if the friends in advance to prepare for the recruit's song and will sing him goodbye.
Be sure to pick up good music. Along with modern tunes find humorous or cheerful songs about soldiers who have for decades heard on each of the wires.