This dance does not require much space. It must have been one of the main reasons that it caught on in the Navy. Because warships very little space. Now this dance is quite common not only among sailors, but also at the festive concerts and events. Sometimes it is included in the contests for the evening. And many gladly come out to participate.
The dance tune is built on the music square. All pieces designed for execution on 8-16 bars. Music the size of two quarters.
Start the dance slowly. Come on stage, wide movements, like stately walk in a circle. At first glance it would seem that you still do not dance, as it were, visiting down of all present, showing their posture and proud gait. But in your movements feel the temperament and the growing power of dance.
Gradually the tempo increases, the movement becomes faster. Do such elements as prisadki. His hands hold at the waist, squat, and lifting, throw the feet forward alternately. The pace noticeably accelerate.
Learn to make the famous sailor flapper element. Jump up simultaneously prohlopali in the air. Learn to perform an element such as a rope. This alternating movement of legs in one place, while busting hands. The movement is exactly the same as climbing sailor on a rope.
If you dance the dance group, then include movements that mimic a tug of war. It is also good to add various security elements. In the performance of dance group, typical of the last note — when one dancer performs a movement, and the second must exactly repeat it, and then show something different, new. Next in turn follows the movement of the previous and their complements. So you show your virtuosity.
Of course, without a special sailor suit, and this dance will look washed out. So make sure to prepare a special collar and a cap with ribbons.