You will need
  • passport, legal documents.
In case if a cadastral passport on land not previously appeared in local oversight real estate there are no data on the basis of which is issued by a cadastral plan, will be required to conduct a survey and to issue the relevant documents before you apply for registration of ownership.
For obtaining a cadastral plan is the land plot. Work on the survey can run commercial organizations that have a license for this activity. Currently this kind of organization in the real estate market are well represented. After conducting the survey and obtaining a cadastral plan, you can apply for renewal of the area in the property.
Initially the documents should be submitted to the local authorities together with the petition on granting the right of ownership of the land. Following consideration of the certificate or decision confirming your right to renew the earth in the property.
This act, the cadastral plan of the site and the presence on the site of buildings the appropriate documentation shall be attached to the application and submit to the local management of FRS (Federal registration service). Based on the documents you will be issued a certificate of registration of ownership rights to land. The term of the permit is one calendar month.
The land code provides for the possibility for every citizen to renew the property a plot of land that was previously in its use (article 20, paragraph 5). Thus, this site is made freely, subject only to the payment of the appropriate registration fee. In all other cases, the cost of land is calculated, based on the specified local authorities the unit cost of the land intended for use for any purpose.