You will need
  • Navigator generator keygen codes, new card.
"Manual flashing" Navigatorand has become commonplace in light of the availability of Internet, where you can find everything you need to work with Navigatorom.
Our first plug-in Navigator to the PC and duplicate all the data from the memory of the Navigatorand in a safe place in case of unforeseen circumstances.
For further work we need to know what version was the map that now filled in the NavigatorE. to Find her need in the following way: go to menu Navigatorand select the item "Tools", then "Settings" - there is a map. When open button "On the map", you will see the long-awaited information about the previous version of the map (FID code). On the Internet you need to find a more recent version of this map.
Now, again, return to Navigator , and enter the "Configure tools". In the "System" to find information "About the device". This is a ten-digit identification code for our Navigator. This numerical code also need to save.
Download from the Internet a program code generator (keygen). File keygen_v1.5 need to run and enter in the section "Enter your Unit Id and your ten digit code that you learned above. Select the name of the firm Navigatorand, card type and enter the four-digit FID card.
Under "Your Map unlock code" click on the "Generate" ( "Generate"), and the keygen will give you a new unique code. Save it as a new file with the sum extension. This new file created with the code must be named the same as your map, and should differ only by the extension.
And last: delete the Navigatore old map files in img format and code, and in their place a new copy.