You will need
  • Matter;
  • thread, needle;
  • thin paper;
  • line;
  • a pair of scissors.
Consider the pattern of children's sleepwear from warmer and soft tissues. The pattern of women's sleepwear can be designed for silk fabric. In principle, not so important, you made the pattern for the pajamas for girls or the pattern of pyjamas for a boy – most importantly, try to make so that in the finished pajamas very sweetly and soundly sleep. So, make a separate pattern pants and shirt. To make the pajamas really comfortable and loose, build the pattern for the product 2 sizes larger than the size of someone wearing it. However, do not overdo it: too big pajamas are not comfortable to wear and will not sit well enough that, by the way, is important.
Pattern pajama shirts make on the basis of patterns of dresses, only do it to the hip line, as is usually done. Alternatively, use pattern simple t-shirt, after increasing her a couple of sizes. The appearance of the top part of the pajamas will discuss with those who will wear it in the future.
Pajama pants cutting with the standard pattern classic straight trousers. Folds do not close, on top if desired, decorate the yoke. Pants make one size larger than usual, so that they do not hamper movements during sleep. The length of the pants adjust at customer's request. Don't make them too long, so as not to cause inconvenience, and, at the same time, don't shorten them much, especially if you sew pajamas for the winter.
Patterns build on thin paper using a large ruler or a centimeter pencil and existing measurements. After the build, cut out the sketches ready now, let's get to cutting fabric.
Pick up sewing a soft, pleasant fabric to a body and start making. Best for sleepwear fit tight knit, fleece, flannel fabrics. It all depends on the temperature in your house and time of year. Pajamas should not be too hot or too thin.