The most common pulmonary form of tuberculosis. To identify them, notice the following signs. Fatigue, especially in the morning. Decreased performance due to the feeling of constant weakness. The child begins to lose activity and worse learning. An adult complains of discomfort. The patient loses appetite. This results in weight loss. The face sharpened, features appear sharper. Because of this it might appear that man has prettier lately. Pale skin and pronounced blush adds beauty. If a limited form of tuberculosis characterized by increasing the temperature to 37, 5 – 38 degrees. The temperature rises in the evening or night, accompanied by chills and sweating. When massive forms of the temperature rise higher. In the beginning of the disease the cough is quite dry. Escalates at night. In the long course of the disease begins copious sputum. Hemoptysis is observed in the infiltrative form.
If you suspect tuberculosis of the bones, spine and joints, you will notice the presence of pain in the affected areas. In addition, a decrease in mobility and pathological fractures.
Observe your digestion. Frequent diarrhea and constipation, abdominal pain, bloating, bleeding during bowel movements, fever can indicate the presence of tuberculosis of the digestive tract.
Inspect your skin for signs of seals or nodules below the skin's surface. Increasing in size, they tear the epidermis and come to the surface, reminding a kind of white curd. In this case, there is a danger that you have tuberculosis of the skin.