You will need
  • banner;
  • - an instrument for punching eyelets;
  • - eyelets;
  • - cable clamps or construction;
  • metal pipe;
  • - double-sided adhesive tape or glue.
Inspect the spot at which you are going to mount the banner. Often that opportunities of this place depends on how tension fabric banner. Think about which parts of the facade, pipe, fence, etc. will be most convenient to fix outdoor advertising.
One of the common ways tension is tension with eyelets. Grommets are the metal rings that attach on the banner fabric. There are a diameter of 24, 32 and 40 mm. For this method, punch holes for the eyelets at a distance of 20-30 cm along the perimeter edge of the banner, after crooking the edges. Such a distance will not be superfluous tension and, at the same time, the fabric will not fail. The magnitude of the bend edge depends on the size of the canvas and the diameter of the grommets. Thus, the punching is carried out through two layers of fabric.
Holes for corner punch grommets in place where the longitudinal and transverse edge of a web, that is through four layers.
Insert the grommets into the holes and pull them through the rope. Tie a rope to the advertising surface. Is cable possible variant of construction of the clamps (plastic or metal) that go into every grommet and attached to the advertising surface separately. Plastic is less durable, but if you need your banner hung for 2-3 days, it will be enough.
If the mounting location of the banner provides a high mechanical load on the canvas (for example, strong gusts of wind) fix the corner mounting advanced. In this case, use an additional fixing of the banner with a metal pipe. To do this, fold the edge of fabric and seal it so as to form a pocket. Use the special glue or double sided adhesive tapes with a high degree of adhesion. Insert into the pocket of the pipe and fix it on the advertising surface.