You will need
  • - computer
  • - Internet
  • - administrator rights.
Download NeoSpy in the computer memory. Install the program using setup file.
Run the program and go to the "Settings" window. Set the key combination to exit stealth mode and, if deemed necessary, the administrator password. Edit the settings of the monitor programs in the settings section "logging", in particular, the tab "Keyboard". It is through this section, you will be able to find out passwords on your computer.
Leave the computer in normal mode for a day or two, so it was time to work the users whose passwords you want to learn. It is also worth considering the fact that your passwords are in this program will be saved, so keep the password utility in a safe place. Use antivirus programs to viruses are unable to intercept all the data from the program NeoSpy.
Print NeoSpy from stealth mode and review the log message interceptor keyboard, clipboard, visited websites and other information. Among the combinations entered from the keyboard, you can find passwords for all programs.
Do not abuse of such spyware. Ordinary users can be quite experienced with the computer, and trust to you as the computer owner will be undermined. It is best to work on different computers, as many users do not like to enter their passwords to social networking due to the fact that someone else came before them.