You will need
  • - financial plan;
  • - investment banking;
  • - state workers;
  • - planes.
Write the business plan of the airline. It is very different from any other business in the world. You need to clearly plan how and where you will acquire the aircraft. Find out about the success of former or current airlines and see which you will be able to succeed. Please make the step-by-step layout of your business plan.
Decide how much you need aircraft for the first time. It is best to start with small amount. You will be able to increase that number with the demand, but it will not happen immediately. Too few planes will mean a small selection for the customers, too much loss of funds in case of failure. So plan the best, but prepare for the worst.
Submit your business plan to banks for Finance. Choose a local Bank or Finance company, which are more prone to developing such kind of business.
Attract new customers before the opening of the business. Install your company logo. Good work on the image, name and company slogan. This will greatly help in promoting your brand. The exit market is the most important aspect for a young company. Show the advantage of your business over others.
Examine your competition. You will be in competition with local and global players in the arena of the aviation business. Know who they are and where they fly their passengers. Find out what benefits they offer to their clients.
Set your rewards to your customers. It could be a map or a system of discounts. If you offer them a greater distance for free for the kilometers traveled, they will value you more than the others. This method works in large companies, he will work for you.
Get Federal, state and local permits for the development of your airline.
To make adjustments to your business plan at this stage. Describe clearly what you will get profit within 1 year, 5 and 10 years. Imagine this modified plan to the banks. Let all your questions. Be honest with investors - the key to success in this business.
Arrange a Grand opening of your airline. You can certainly resort to a cheaper alternative, but you just may not notice. Make the first test flight and eliminate any flaws. Then boldly proceed to the traffic.