Make a list of all cafes and restaurants suitable for the wedding ceremony. Update their addresses and phone numbers, the availability of secure Parking and opportunities for public transport. Choosing a school, talk with staff about all the details, in particular when you can come to decorate the hall.
Consider the possible design options and the financial side of this issue. You can decorate the table by yourself or you can hire a professional designer. In any case, you will have to show the utmost artistic taste and originality.
One of the options for design of the hall will be the adornment of fresh flowers. Flower garlands decorate the table, decorate the place of the bride and groom a beautiful basket with flowers or floral panels. Rose petals will look great on the holiday table, and a bouquet of white flowers complement the image of the charming bride.
In our days it is popular option for decorating the hall with balloons. Decorate with arrangements of balloons the walls of the hall and the bride and groom, put them in wishes and advice to young, in addition, helium-filled balloons can originally decorate the ceiling of the hall. Note that for the preparation of the composition should be used no more than three colors, and they should harmonize with the bride's attire.
Use to decorate posters and large cards on which are written wishes for the young, humorous slogans friends, the draping of fabrics and ribbons, fruit baskets. In the case of jewelry, it is important to adhere to a sense of proportion, the design should not tire the eyes. The simpler the decoration, the more success he can have. It all depends on your wishes and imagination. The main thing that decorated the hall, helped to create an atmosphere of joy and celebration.