Advice 1: How to fill out a application form for visa to Finland

Finland will operate a multiple-entry visa, issued in any other country member of the Schengen agreement. If you do not have a valid multiple entry Schengen visa, for entry to Finland you will need to apply for a visa of this country.
You will need
  • 1. Passport, valid at least three months from the end of the trip;
  • 2. Profile;
  • 3. Photo 3,5X4,5 cm, color on a gray background;
  • 4. Health insurance.
Traditionally, the most responsible moment in the paperwork for a visa is filling out the questionnaire. A questionnaire for obtaining a visa to Finland can be filled in two ways – by downloading to your computer from the website of the Consulate or on the website by filling the Visa application centre.
To fill the form on your computer, go to and download the document in Russian. The questionnaire can be completed online and printed and filled by hand in block letters. In all cases, the questionnaire should be filled in lowercase letters.
The questionnaire is filled in either in Russian with Latin letters or English. To print the form on colored and black-and-white printer. At your discretion, you can print a questionnaire with two sides or one. The signature on the form is in four places on the last page – in paragraph 37, below, after the words "shall be Signed in the case of a request multiple-entry visa, below, after the words "I know" and at the end.
To complete the questionnaire on the website of the Visa center, go to Click blue banner, Click here to create the application". In the opened window, click another link (Click here to fill in the application form). Select the place of application (for example, Embassy of Finland, Moscow). Next, you need to register – enter a valid e-mail address and password. Now you can fill in the questionnaire.
Each item of the questionnaire you will be accompanied by tips, so it may be easier to fill in the form that is on the website of the Visa center. Here are some features:

1. In paragraph 2, if the former no last names, put N/A.

2. In section 5 place of birth quote strictly as in the passport.

3. In paragraph 6, if the country of birth in the passport of the USSR, choose the Soviet Union. The same applies to claim 7.

4. In paragraph 12, in downloaded the application form mark passport and Visa application center select Ordinary passport.

5. In paragraph 13 passport number specify no icon number in two digits then a space, and the remaining numbers. On the website of the Visa application centre passport number is specified twice.

6. In paragraph 17, specify the address.
After completing the form click Submit and print it with a bar code (to print click Print Visa Application Form and Barcode Sheet in English). For appointment click here to schedule an appointment. The questionnaire will be stored on the website within 14 days, you can make changes by going to your account with a username and password.
You can also fill out another questionnaire on your sample (for example, another family member, or colleague). On the last page (after clicking Submit) tick Yes item Do you wish to fill one more form. Next, select who you want to fill in a questionnaire (Tourists, Colleagues, Family).
When self-completing the questionnaire (on your computer) you can request an appointment page Click Schedule appointment. Select the place of application, the number of people applying along with you, and visa type. Next, enter your e-mail and password.

Advice 2: How to fill application form

In the labour market there are a lot of offers from employers, employees searching for work, abandoning the study of standard summary. Such organizations offer to applicants to fill in the questionnaire of the candidate, which significantly simplifies the system of recruitment and beneficial to both parties. Specially designed for the needs of the enterprise, it allows the applicant and the employer to save a lot of time, abandoning generalities and highlighting only the most important assessment criteria of the applicant. It is therefore very important for the candidate to correctly complete this questionnaire.
First and foremost, gather as much information as possible about the company, the questionnaire which you are prepared to fill. Find out what are the most important requirements for the applicant. Some of them are not listed in the questionnaire, but are of great importance. For example, if you are asked to place the questionnaire in your photo, learn does your company have a strict dress code and what are the requirements to appearance of employees. Thus, preparing the photo that will meet these criteria, you will increase your chances of a positive decision when considering your candidacy.
Complete the introductory part of the questionnaire as accurately and truthfully, because all this information is easily verifiable and incorrectly specified the passport data, place of residence or education can become a real obstacle to vacant posts. Do not try to hide his age, if the company is important this question. Thus, in trying to embellish reality, you probably will lose the title of the candidate, perhaps in the first interview.
Carefully read the main questions of the questionnaire and highlight the key points for myself, which you would be able to stand as a candidate in the best light. Usually the additional education and skills in the mentioned field. It is not necessary to be modest, but on the contrary, it is necessary to enumerate in detail your existing certificates and diplomas proving your competence in the proposed topic. In addition, pay attention to the fields on the previous work. Write honestly, remembering about a possible background check personnel service, and as much detail as possible about the activities that you performed. Specify your achievements and work results made by previous employer. It is appropriate to give specific figures about the fulfillment of the sales plan or the like.
Review the questionnairebefore sending it to the personnel office. If you think it necessary, highlight the most important points (further education, skills, experience, specialty or high rates of lice activity), but not too big or bright. The personnel Department consists of experienced employees, and they easily seek out in the questionnaire important points, but here they are little help. This will add to your score when considering your candidacy.
Note the filling-in of box about salary expectations. Keep with especially specified by the personnel Department of the amount, since usually the number of staffing. And if your requirements are too high, your application will be sent to the trash without careful consideration.
The design of the questionnaire for a visa to Finland. Application form for the Schengen visa is filled in electronic form. To complete the questionnaire electronically open the front page of the visa application, You must print your visa application form and a barcode sheet which will be generated upon filling the visa form as part of this process.
Useful advice
When making visa at our company all applications for visas to Finland we fill ourselves. For this you will need to print the questionnaire, fill it and deliver it to our office along with other documents. If you decide to fill out forms for visas to Finland on their own, do not forget that incorrectly and/or carelessly completed application form may be cause for refusal to issue Finnish visas.
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