Carefully watch the movements of the kitten around the house so that he didn't see you. Maybe he's using your pan in the common toilet for its intended purpose, misses no opportunity to drink. Out of the toilet.
как наносить касторовое масло
Watch the kitten and during his walks around the house. Let's see if he drinks water from the dish, for it is not intended (for example, from a forgotten near the monitor mugs or flower vases). A mug you can present, but the vase better get away if you are not attracted by the prospect of losing her.
как приучить кота к своей клички
If the kitten loves to drink water from the tap, do not drive or attempt forcibly dragged to the bowl. The fact that cats prefer running water, and if the kitten liked to drink in such a way to retrain it is almost impossible. Leave it as is. And before you go to work, leave or weak stream, or water in the sink.
как давать почки животным
Ensure that the kitten was always access to fresh water. Cats can squeamish to turn away from the water in the evening, if it has not changed in the morning.
как накормить кошку
Change the dishes, on your understanding, needs to drink kitten. Plastic, which is made from a bowl, can give water an unpleasant taste. The same applies to metal bowls. But from the pottery kitty will surely lap up water or milk.
Лучший влажный корм для кошек
Some cats don't like it when near the bowl of food is still some dishes (cats don't see the water). Transfer the bowl of water in another corner of the room where you feed the kitten, and after a meal, gently bring it to her and slightly moisten paws or nose. He may not jump immediately to lick wet legs, but still interested in the bowl, or rather, its contents.
If you feed a kitten wet food, it is likely that he simply lacks the water it gets from food.