You will need
  • Two bands and two bows;
  • Brush or comb;
  • Flat hairbrush;
  • Mirror.
Comb the hair comb or brush. Divide parted in the middle flat comb. One half immediately collect in gum and leave. The second comb again to give the direction.
Stand in front of the mirror to control your actions. Divide the half into three strands. The extreme right swipe over the middle and under the left one. Now the second (she was just average) spend: on new middle and under the left one. So weave all the braid, leaving at the end of a small (7-15 cm) tail. Tie it with a rubber band.
Dissolve the other half of hair, comb through to give direction and divide into three strands. Try to begin braiding the second braid symmetrically first. At the end similarly, tie a rubber band.
To weave braids perfectly straight and symmetrical you will not succeed. Therefore, at the beginning of each wear bows. Flatten them to compensate for the unevenness of the KOs, if they turned out uneven.
Option KOs: you can't do parted in the middle, and "zigzag". Yourself to do you don't succeed, so ask a friend for help or refer to a specialist.
For example, and a side parting or offset to the side. This option is suitable if you have a round face or you will "forgive" parted in the middle. In this case, the spit will inevitably asymmetric in location and size.