Pay attention to the presence in semen of white blood cells, which greatly slow down the mobility of sperm. This figure is inflated in cases of ongoing inflammatory processes or chronic diseases. Be sure to go through a complete examination and diagnosis of men's health.
Try to get rid of nicotine addiction or at least to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day, to a minimum. Absolutely do not drink alcohol during the medical examination, and in the time of the alleged conception.
Increase daily stay in the fresh air, plan and take Hiking and Cycling, try to accelerate your normal step to give the possibility of easy adequately oxygenated.
Engage in recreational physical activity, trying to avoid any serious physical activity. Diversify sedentary work a gym or at least short breaks.
Spend more time healthy and restful sleep, avoid insomnia and fatigue. Make sure that the bed was comfortable and the bedroom is well ventilated.
Minimize the number of regularly taken medications or completely discard them.
Dress for the weather. Overheating, as hypothermia adversely affects male reproductive health.
Review the food system, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and foods rich in natural protein. The most beneficial effect on sperm motility have products such as sprouted wheat, chicken liver, pomegranates, olive oil extra virgin.
Have sex regularly, avoid long periods of abstinence.