Wash the head and give her a little dry on their own. At this time, do not comb hair, do not touch and do not use any styling or caregivers.
After the hair a little dry, apply a heat tool, creating, thus, an invisible film on the hair that will protect them from further damage.
Then comb the hair comb with a few teeth, and it is desirable that it was made of wood or any other natural material.
Now you can dry your hair by tilting your head down and directing the hot air of the dryer from the roots to the tips.
When the hair is completely dry, straight and voluminous, turn on the Styler. If you decide to straighten your hair, then using a few clips, clip away the hair on the crown, leaving a few strands from the bottom. Take a small section of your hair, position it between the hot tongs Styler and drive it down the hair. Do the same with the rest of the hair, gradually releasing them from the fixed beam at the top. This will allow evenly to straighten the hair.
If you want to wind the hair using the Styler, you need, using the clips to pin the hair at the top and, starting from the bottom, fix the lock of hair between the tongs, and slowly twist the Styler around the strands from the middle or from the roots - it depends on how you want to look your curls. The shape of the curls may be different - depends how you tilt the Styler you twirl your hair. If you keep the pad parallel to the floor, the curls will be strong and round. If the Styler is perpendicular to the floor, the curls will spiral shape.