First, you can start to dance. And it doesn't matter what type and style they will take, the main thing is that you courses of their liking. These dances can be quite artistic, and a ballroom, sport dances and dances in a modern style (i.e. hip-hop, street dance or anything else). However, it is worth noting the fact that to achieve the desired effect faster it in the classroom for ballroom dancing. The thing is that only this type of training is able to be on feet most of the load, and accordingly, to correct their curvature. But no matter what dance you choose, don't forget about patience and apply maximum efforts to achieve results.
Without surgery will help you to do special gymnastic exercises. Today there are a considerable number, so that from them you will be able to choose something for themselves. By the way, just try not to do this every time two or three of the same exercises and make several whole complex, because this is the only way you can affect different areas of the feet and to correct the curvature. The main condition of exercise - regular exercise because without it you will not be able to get your desired effect.
Finally, the third method that helps you to get rid of the o-shaped curvature of the legs - surgical correction. In some cases, not do without it. Incidentally, when carrying out operations apply the latest technology, so to be afraid in this case nothing. Before surgery, you will need to consult a doctor to consult with him. He can tell you about the shape of the curvature of your feet, and to discuss a possible outcome. The specialist will prescribe individual therapy (regardless of what form of curvature seen in you).