First, find out what guys like the girl you want to achieve. All you need to do very well, not making any sudden actions, otherwise it can spoil. Start with a simple rendering tokens and gifts of flowers. Don't be afraid to take the first step. Your shyness is useless and you are not favorable.
Try to talk to her and find common themes. If your conversation ensued, then in any case do not let this awkward moment of silence. Comment on her words, cling to every word and Express the opinion that it could be you as a person. Observe how she looks at you Smile and attention to you are playing not the last role.
Be sincere and do not hide their emotions. Do not be greatly upset if the girl will answer the refusal, it can be a test of your senses. Sometimes the obsession girls very frustrating. Learn how to control myself, for the present displays of affection wait for the right moment.
Hold on with dignity, if you know that her heart is not free. Let her make a choice, don't deprive her of personal liberty. But remember, you need to know your price, and not to hear the humiliation in his address.
Show your charisma. Try to make her want to be with you and proud to be with her to be a real man. Be independent, do things that will interest the girl and show your personality.
Never repeat, be creative. Prove the sincerity of his feelings. Girls like guys who do not slow down, and act. Don't be afraid to take risks – come.
Bring their appearance in order. Accuracy and sense of style you will not hurt, but on the contrary will increase your chances, and to achieve reciprocity girls you will not be difficult.