Go to Nizhny Novgorod forum. There is a special section dedicated to searching for missing people in the city. To correctly create a topic dedicated to your problem, use all the data on the person that you have. Be sure to take a photo of the person, which he well recognized – visual memory works for most people better than any other. Then describe the circumstances under which people disappeared. Write the estimated area where the person can be. If you have correctly placed your post in the forum, submit it and wait for reviews. Certainly there are people who are familiar personally or just saw the man on the street. So don't forget to check for updates for your topics – subscribe to them, that letters came to you on e-mail. Link to section of the forum:
Go to the Department of the Federal migration service in the Nizhny Novgorod region, which is located at the address 603094, Nizhny Novgorod, Bulvar Yubileyny, D. 32. There you can fill out an application on finding a man in the city and region. Then you leave your contact details and for some time, when a person, give him your data and he, at their desire, of course, you will be contacted.
Look for the person through various sites, for example, "wait for me", or any other, of which nowadays there are a great many. Just hammer into a search engine the words "people search" and you will see many sites in which people are looking for each other. Just register and send information about the person you are looking for. Probably one of the sites you are lucky, you will be contacted by sympathizers who the person saw, or even the man himself.
Try to find someone through the telephone directory of Nizhny Novgorod. If he was in the city or region and he has a phone, you are extremely lucky – after all, you will be able to immediately call and report that it is looking for.
Do not despair. In life there are different situations, it may well be that after a certain period of time the person you are looking for, finds you.