You will need
  • - selected tissue;
  • - threads;
  • - decorative elements.
Avoid synthetic fabrics - they are airtight, therefore unhygienic, especially for children. Please note that all children's clothes must be safe to wear. Do not sew a large number of bands and ribbons, especially in the area of the neck. Do not choose clothes that are shapeless and are easy to get confused. Long skirts and blouses lush long sleeve is more appropriate to a grown-up girl than a girl. Check how firmly sewn buttons, rhinestones, beads. Ill-sewn decorative items can cause accidents.
Choose bright colors for children's clothing. Kids usually choose fabrics in bright colors or with a large child's drawing. If the child is big, he can choose a fabric and a model for future clothing. Let the child you will choose buttons and decorative items for finishing the garments. Especially popular colored appliques. They do not need to sew, you should iron them with a hot iron and they will stick to clothes. Then you can easily remove it or change it to another application.
Don't do children's clothes are a lot of complicated fasteners. The kids will not be able to serve themselves. Best used clothing kids Velcro, so kids will be able to unbutton a blouse or remove the pants. Don't forget when sewing pants, skirts or shorts to insert the waistband elastic. Elastic band makes it easy and convenient to dress and undress independently.
Make the bottom on the sleeves and edge of the product a small margin. So, you can extend the life of your clothes and save a little. The boy can make cuffs on pants and shirt, if you want the cuffs could be put off. Pants are your child short, not a problem, they'll be great shorts for the summer. Girls can make the skirt length a couple of inches long, very short skirt on the younger girl looks not very appropriate.
Use when sewing knit fabric. It is soft and cozy. Products made of this fabric kids wear with pleasure. Choose interesting models with ruching or pleats, they fit several close largest size. Make pattern any clothing. You can also dissolve old thing and remove the pattern. In the clothing add decorative elements, beads, crystals, different types of fabric applications.