Advice 1: How to restore the card "Malina"

Card Raspberry designed to making purchases in partner stores and using the services of friendly companies, you can accumulate points and use them for a variety of goods from a special catalog. The loss of the card must perform a number of actions to accumulated points are not lost.
In case of loss, damage or destruction of the Malina immediately contact the operator of the Support Center program by phone 495-780-00-44 for Moscow and the Moscow region, or 800-700-14-13 for other regions of the Russian Federation. The operator will block your card and stop all the possible operations on it. So your accumulated points will remain in your account. Keep in mind that if you lose or destroy the additional card which is issued together with the principal, you are also obliged to notify the organizer by calling on the above numbers. Remember that in the case of using accumulated program points to block the card Raspberry, order fees and delivery non-authoritative entity, the organizer is not liable to you for cancellation points.
After blocking of card Raspberry the organizer of the program recovers lost or stolen card to save the information about the member, his accumulated points, order history rewards. New membership card is issued in the office of the program Raspberry or sent by mail. Please note that the Rules of participation the organizer does not prescribe the timing recovery card and disclaims any liability for delay recovery card. So check this question on the phone when you block your lost card.
Recovery card is free of charge, however, the organizer reserves the right to collect from the participant the actual cost of card replacement and delivery. Unfortunately, he did not specify in what cases is the retention of the cost, so check with the Manager of the Support Center, terms of a replacement card. In addition to the main card you can also purchase three additional cards that can use any person residing with you at the same address.

Advice 2: How to freeze raspberries

Useful properties of raspberry known since ancient times. It is used in medicine and cosmetology, and in cooking, and.... All this is due to the fact that this berry is a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, the raspberry is the berry season. But to eat it in winter. To save the most useful properties, freeze the raspberries need to correct.
You will need
  • - trays or baking trays for baking;
  • paper or cotton towels;
  • - salt solution;
  • containers or plastic bags;
  • refrigerator or freezer with a "quick freeze" (although not necessarily).
Gather raspberries. This should be done in dry weather. For freezing best suited varieties with dense pulp (a berry less loses its form when thawing). Select ripe, undamaged fruit. Immature or, on the contrary, perespevshey raspberry for freezing is no good. Refrigerate raspberries immediately after harvest, so it will lose less nutrients.
Gathered raspberries clean from stalks, leaves and other debris. Place in a colander for two to three minutes dip in salt solution to remove bugs. After that wash the berries in running water. Leave it in the colander for about ten minutes to drain excess water.
Prepare baking sheets or trays. Cover them with paper (cotton) towels. Put them raspberries in a single layer. Cover with another towel. Leave to dry berries. Periodically review the berries, turning them if necessary.
When raspberry is completely dry, place it on another baking sheet (tray), covered with plastic wrap. Berry spoon so that it is not in contact with each other (this is necessary so they don't stick together when frozen). Put a tray of raspberries in the freezer that are included on the "quick freezing".
After raspberry freeze completely, remove it from the freezer and quickly (so she doesn't have time to melt) pour into containers or plastic bags for further storage. Keep frozen raspberries in the frozen mode.
Also, the raspberries can be frozen and not resorting to the layout of the trays. Just put it in the containers and will then keep and place in the freezer.
Another way you can freeze the raspberries with sugar. In a container for freezing place a layer of raspberries, pour sugar on top put another layer of raspberries and cover them with sugar. And so alternate layers to fill the container. The last layer should be sugar.
Important! Place frozen berries separately from other products, as they can absorb odors. If this is not possible, use airtight packaging for storage of frozen berries.
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