The agreement between Russia and Kyrgyzstan will significantly simplify the procedure of obtaining a second citizenship. You don't have to abandon basic, if you want to get a second. Remember that having a dual citizenship, you will not be able to become a future President of the Kyrgyz Republic, Deputy, judge, law enforcement officer, to occupy responsible posts in the Executive branch.
To obtain Kyrgyz citizenship you must have continuously resided in the territory of the Republic for five years, to know the Kyrgyz language in volume, sufficient for communication to have a source of livelihood. Remember that continuous residence means travel outside the Republic for a period of not more than three months per year. The period of permanent residence on the territory of the Republic reduced by law to three years, if you are in a registered marriage with the citizen of the Republic, invest in priority sectors of economy of Kyrgyzstan, or your scientific, cultural and professional activities are in demand in this country.
In the bodies of internal Affairs at the place of residence or the diplomatic representation complete the application form in the prescribed form. Write a letter to the President of the Republic. Together with the statement-the questionnaire, provide original and copies of identity documents, two photographs, receipt of payment of registration fee, proof of the presence of a source of livelihood. This can be proof of income, employment history, pension certificate, certificate from the place of work. Also document continuous residence in the territory of the Republic ( residence permit, the registration mark) and the state language. The total period of consideration of applications for obtaining Kyrgyz citizenship for up to 90 days in the General procedure and 30 days in a simplified.